4 key points in unraveling the Mystery of Supplements & Diet: A Deep Dive with Dr. David Seaman

In the modern era of quick fixes and magical health solutions, it's tempting to believe that a cure-all for our health issues lies in a pill bottle or a revolutionary supplement. But is it really as simple as that? Not quite, according to Dr. David Seaman, the renowned health expert who pioneered the revolutionary link between nutrition, inflammation, and pain. On our episode of the Crackin Backs podcast, Dr. Seaman unearths the truth behind supplements, diet, and our overall health.

The Supplements Saga
According to Dr. Seaman, the world of supplements has been plagued by hyped-up promises, unrealistic expectations, and a general misunderstanding of their true purpose. Contrary to popular belief, supplements are designed to complement a balanced diet, not evoke miraculous health improvements on their own. Essential supplements that Dr. Seaman recommends include magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D, and fish oils. However, the necessity and efficacy of these supplements can vary based on geographical location. For instance, people living in areas with less sunlight may require additional vitamin D.
The source of your supplements matters, too. Dr. Seaman advises checking a company's legitimacy on the National Products Association (npanational.org) before making any purchases. It's also crucial to understand what you're trying to achieve with your supplements, as different elements can have varying effects on your body.

Calories & Chronic Conditions
Beyond supplements, Dr. Seaman emphasizes the importance of your caloric intake. In a world where the average person's calories come from sugar, flour, and oils, it's more critical than ever to focus on our diet. He busts the myth of an expensive healthy diet, proposing the consumption of nutrient-dense, cost-effective foods like potatoes, with sweet potatoes being the ultimate choice.
When it comes to managing chronic conditions through supplementation, Dr. Seaman cautions against under-dosing. Citing a 2013 study on the skin condition Vitiligo from Dermato-Endocrinology, he explains how significantly increasing Vitamin D intake (35,000 IU daily) for six months led to a marked reduction in symptoms.

Addressing Obesity
Obesity, a growing global concern, is intricately linked with diet. Dr. Seaman points out that in obesity, cells can become hypoxic, then necrotic, leading to constant inflammation and hyperglycemia. Neither supplementation nor medication can effectively reverse this, emphasizing the critical role of dietary changes. Time-restricted eating, fasting, and regular exercise are among the strategies he recommends.
During the recent pandemic, it was no coincidence that the obesity-stricken population was hit hardest. With elevated blood sugar levels, our body struggles to clear viruses and infections. In fact, once a certain level of obesity is reached, the body can become a 'viral factory', promoting the mutation of viruses.

Rebooting Your System
So, how can we hit the reset button on our health? Dr. Seaman proposes methods like a 5-day water fast or the ProLon fasting program. By implementing these strategies and focusing on a balanced diet, we can take control of our health and potentially alleviate chronic inflammation and pain.
This enlightening episode with Dr. David Seaman, the author of the best-selling book, "The Deflame Diet," truly drives home the message that when it comes to our health, there's no shortcut. Our diet and lifestyle choices are the real game-changers.


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