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Unveiling the Heart of Hospice Care: A Journey with Phillip Puleo

In a deeply moving episode of the Crackin' Backs Podcast, our guest Phillip Puleo, an 18-year veteran hospice nurse, shares his profound experiences and insights into the world of hospice care and Alzheimer's disease.

Unveiling the Power of PEMF Therapy: A Revolutionary Approach to Healing with Michael Davis

In a recent episode of the Crackin Backs podcast, we delved deep into the realm of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy with none other than Michael Davis, often hailed as the "father of PEMF."

The Resilience of the Human Spirit - Mason Sawyer's Journey Through Tragedy

In the latest episode of the Crackin' Backs podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Mason Sawyer, a man whose life embodies the stoic philosophy of finding strength in adversity.

Unlocking the Power of Cranial Nerves: Insights from Lois Laynee

In the latest episode of "Crackin' Backs," we had the pleasure of hosting Lois Laynee, a renowned expert in cranial nerve function. Laynee's insights are a goldmine for both medical professionals and anyone interested in understanding the body's complex workings.

From Chiropractic to Consciousness: Dr. David Mehler's Path to Awakening and Empowerment

In the latest episode of "Crackin' Backs," we delve into the remarkable journey of Dr. David Mehler. His story, replete with transformation and enlightenment, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all seeking a deeper connection with their true selves.

Elevating Your Golf Game: Insights from Professional Trainer Luka Mentzer

Welcome to the "Crackin' Backs" blog, where we dive into the world of golf, guided by the expertise of professional trainer Luka Mentzer.

Unlocking the Secrets of Healing: Dr. Jason Amstutz

Do you ever wonder why some injuries seem to linger, despite seemingly proper treatment? Are you curious about the fascinating world of chiropractic and osteopathy and how they can work together to optimize your health?

Mastering Stress Management: Insights from Dr. Dana Sinclair

In a world that never seems to slow down, stress has become an unwelcome companion in our daily lives. It doesn't discriminate; it affects athletes on the field, executives in the boardroom, and individuals at family gatherings.

Revolutionizing Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention: Dr. Trent Nessler's Breakthrough in Biomechanical Analysis!

Welcome to the latest episode of the Crackin' Backs Podcast! Today, we dive deep into the fascinating world of athletic performance and injury prevention with our esteemed guest, Dr. Trent Nessler.

Unlocking the Brain-Body Connection: Dr. Joe Pelino on Chiropractic and Cognitive Function

In the world of healthcare and wellness, there are individuals who push the boundaries of traditional medicine, seeking innovative ways to improve our lives.

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