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“ Great variety of guests. Terrific delivery of current issues within an atmosphere of fun!”


I really enjoyed the podcast with Monty Heath❤️what a fun group of guys with great content


Crackin’ Backs = positive facts! I love how this podcast has unlimited boundaries! This podcast offers a diverse list of guests that bring a unique sense of experience and perspectives! It’s like a farmers market of knowledge that I’m able to take away from each episode."


Episode #057 is a must-listen! Sure I’m a little biased but it’s a fun conversation filled with nuggets of knowledge about life, business, family and managing a positive attitude along the way. I hope you enjoy it!


Monty and the blind Guy -Me!! Terrific interview with Monty Heath, my personal performance coach and mentor. When I heard him mention the blind guy, I knew it was me! I’m blind, 55, and realized that we are never too old to have a performance coach! The questions asked of Monty we’re great and spot on, I also enjoyed the teasing and hope that he does not require me to wear spandex! Been quite a bit more about Monty, how he text, and could not be more thrilled to have him as a coach! Plus, have a new great podcast to listen to! Well done everybody! and, similar to the doctor, I often hear Monty whispering into my ear!"

Phil Mag


Lots of gems! Definitely worth listening to more than once. Entertaining with lots of great advice all throughout."


Great podcast! 🤜🏼 These guys are awesome. Easy to talk with. Funny as heck. Love all the laughter! I need more of that in my life. And finally, thank you for caring about important issues, such as Veteran and First Responder suicide 🙏🏼👊🏼🇺🇸."


Love this podcast! Terry and Spencer have the best podcast. So proud to have been a guest on Episode #58! Listening to other episodes as I travel. Looking forward to returning one day!"


“ Well explained, Jaime! As an educator, it was refreshing to have someone explain that it doesn’t matter if a student's family has money, they still have problems! Education could really benefit from more counselors like Jaime!"

Jersey Teacher

“ Insightful and entertaining! Love this show!"


“ Great guests and great topics! I have to say that the episodes with Monty Heath and Cindy Howard resonated with me personally on two different topics of conversation. First, as a firefighter, the issues of mental health and PTSD have become a major talking point and area of concern within the first responder community. It was so refreshing to hear from a former Navy SEAL (I have the utmost respect for all those guys) that talking about the horrible things we have all had to deal with and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. After 16 years of service so far, I have finally reached out for help myself and have to thank Dr Weyman and Monty Heath for pushing me towards assistance. Secondly, the episode with Doctor Cindy Howard really highlighted the importance of gut health and diet. Both of those things are also a big problem with firefighters and after listening to the podcast, its time to reassess how and what I eat. Thanks for putting out such great material! I look forward to listening to all the others."


“ This podcast fixed the crack in my back! Great podcast by two great doctors. 11/10 would recommend. 100%."


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