A Time Of Reflection

Wow, what a year it’s been for the Crackin’ Backs Podcast. We had guests on the show, that in our normal lives, we might’ve never had the chance to rub elbows with. Yet, here we are having organic conversations with some of the most interesting people on the planet!

We started off the year speaking water with the “Water Guru” herself, Erin Brockovich. Did you know you can speak to water, and it will interpret your words? Does that mean water has feelings? Would water know if you caused it harm?

Then we had spinal surgeon, Dr. Jeff Cantor, who experienced a bicycle accident which resulted in a serious hand injury. He took advantage of his down time to acquire a new surgical technique that involves no hardware, resulting in a better long-term outcome for the patient! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.

When we think of military leaders, we think of Generals such as Patton, MacArthur and Schwarzkopf. They lead by fear, intensity, and with an iron fist. Yet, we learned from retired military leaders General Blaine Holt and Col. James Regenor, that humor, ingenuity and imagination go a long way in building a strong team.

Mental health is such hot topic. Learning what to do, what is needed and practicing empathy, are tools everyone can use. Who would’ve thought we’d learn some of these tools from Navy Seals Monty Heath and Alex Othmer, a firefighter Charlie Brown, and a rock star Chris Hodges. In another episode, we learned mental skill training from some of the most sought-after experts in the field, Dr. Dana Sinclair and Will Lenzner , leaving us with tips and practical approaches to complicated matters.

Chiropractic, our beloved profession, is filled with geniuses, and we had some of the best on our show. Doctors who think different and unselfishly, who just want to share their knowledge with their fellow practitioners as well as tips to help the average person achieve maximum health. I can’t eat corn without thinking of Dr. Grace Hameister telling us “NO CORN” or wondering if my poop would pass the inspection of Cindy Howard, DC or Sabine Hazan, MD.

By far my favorite episode of the year was with one of my favorite athletes, Laird Hamilton. Coming from a SoCal surfer, Laird is as close to Superman as you get. How many athletes do you know of, that are also the best at what they do? An innovator, a stunt man, owns companies traded on Nasdaq, a writer, AND operates one of the most successful wellness camps on Earth! It was both an honor and a joy to talk to this man. OF course, being a new host, my mind went completely blank, and felt like I was talking out of my ass. It wasn’t until days later that I was wishing I had asked him this or that. Another amazing skill of this man? Being gracious when you have a newbie behind the mic.

I could go on, in fact, if you’re still reading this, I am shocked, but you get the idea. This season we had something for everyone! I feel we were educated, we were entertained and most importantly, inspired.

Now that we have a year under our belt, we’re entering 2023 with more confidence and finding our style! So, tune in, you won’t be disappointed. For a full list of our shows, please visit our website.

Cheers, Dr. Terry

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