From Adventurous Wanderer to Authentic Inspiration: A Journey with D'Andra Simmons


D'Andra Simmons' eyes sparkle with an unquenchable curiosity as she reminisces about her younger years, convincing her parents to send her around the world for educational retreats and study programs at just 14. A love of adventure and learning once confined to books took her to exotic lands. What she discovered there became the fabric of her passion, her business, and ultimately, her purpose in life.

Join us in this thrilling episode of Crackin' Backs Podcast as we unveil the life of D'Andra Simmons, a woman who took the secrets of the world and turned them into tools to inspire and heal.

The Birth of a Vision

From the bustling markets of Africa to the hidden corners of South America, D'Andra's thirst for knowledge led her to secrets of healthy living from diverse cultures. She sought out women with radiant skin to learn their secrets, a pursuit that would eventually ignite a spark for a business to help others.

Sourcing raw materials and ensuring their consistency became her biggest hurdles. For instance, the variance in CBD's efficacy challenged her brand, but her determination remained unwavering. Through trial and error, learning the right temperatures for teas, and spending more than 20 years in the lab, D'Andra harnessed nature's gifts.

Purpose and Compassion

Driven by an innate desire to help others, D'Andra's purpose shines through her every word: "To live my life authentically, in order to inspire others." She strives to lead by example, whether through her skincare products, her work with veterans, or as a survivor and advocate for women of domestic violence. Her authenticity bleeds into every aspect of her life, aiming to leave a legacy that will continue to inspire.

Reality, Unfiltered

D'Andra's candidness isn't confined to personal relationships or humanitarian work. Her unfiltered reality shines on the "Real Housewives of Dallas." Despite challenges from fellow cast members and social media critics, she remains committed to showing the highs and lows of her life.

Her openness has led to difficult family situations, yet she's unapologetically real, hoping that her transparency may help someone else. The harsh comments from viewers never deterred her. To D'Andra, staying true to oneself and ignoring the noise is paramount.

Mental Resilience

How does she handle negativity and online chatter? Simply put, she doesn't engage. Her energy flows into productive activities and positive impacts. "If you want to come to me and talk to me because you want advice or how to handle something, then I am there. If you want to talk gossip, I have other things to do," she states. D'Andra's focus on her path is unwavering, refusing to be sidetracked by negativity.


D'Andra Simmons' journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and compassion. Her adventurous spirit has evolved into a purpose-driven life that continues to inspire others.

From exploring the world's secrets to becoming a beacon of genuine humanity, her story captivates, challenges, and invites us to live authentically. D'Andra's voice resonates with a challenge: Dare to discover your purpose and let it fuel your passion.

Join us on the Crackin' Backs Podcast as we delve deeper into this remarkable journey with D'Andra Simmons. Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and perhaps, find a piece of yourself in her story.

After listening to her, I know I would choose to live my life authentically, in order to inspire others. How about you?


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