“Is there a Doctor on board?”

Our next guest has flown across the country for her work, yet on this particular flight, she heard the following words over the intercom …
"Is there a doctor on board?”
Dr. Kathy Dooley, a Chiropractor, a professor, an anatomist, and teacher of dissection lab (on humans), has volunteered many times to assist a passenger in distress.  This time, the patient was hyperventilating, racing heart rate, increased respiration, and is feeling a sense of impending doom.

Dr. Dooley is witnessing a panic attack.

How can a Chiropractor, who teaches Anatomy, help in this situation?

Well, as you will learn on the show, understanding anatomy can help us understand anxiety, you heard me (or read me) ANXIETY.


Let’s take a step back to understand the anatomical and physiological reasoning.

Anxiety (sympathetic response), the main purpose, is good. It saves our lives when we are being chased, it keeps us safe when we need focus. However, if it never shuts off, it drives us crazy. What is the opposite of “being anxious”? 

Did you guess?

Answer: “to be depressed”. 

Dr. Dooley goes on to say that depression is good as it quiets the anxiety. Yet too much, and you won’t get out of bed.

She describes how anatomical structures can calm your anxiety and increase your depressed state … things that we never thought of.

What are they?

For these answers, I will let you listen to her words, as she talks from both a personal perspective, as well as, a professional one!

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