The Grounding Truth: Unearthing Health Benefits with Dr. Grace Hameister

“Grounding or Earthing” is this a new term or has it been practiced successfully for years? 

Grounding is a practice rooted deeply in both ancient wisdom and modern science. In a special episode of the Crackin' Backs Podcast, we joined forces with Dr. Grace Hameister to delve into this intriguing subject. Here, we unpack the potential health benefits of grounding, drawing from an engaging narrative of its origins to its promising scientific backing. 

The Origins of Grounding 

The story of grounding begins with Clint Ober, a Wyoming cowboy with a profound connection to the earth and Native American thought. Ober's early experiences sparked a lifelong fascination with the electrical nature of the human body. As an adult, working in cable wiring and electrical lines, he learned the critical importance of grounding electrical systems—a principle he would later apply to the human body. 

Ober’s journey into grounding was initially motivated by personal health challenges. Experiencing severe aches and inflammation, he innovated by grounding his bed, which led to significant relief. This personal experiment marked the birth of "Earthing," a concept that Ober has since supported with numerous scientific studies, available through resources like the Earthing Institute, PubMed, and Google Scholar

What is Grounding? 

Simply put, grounding involves direct skin contact with the earth, allowing a transfer of negatively charged electrons from the ground into the body. This natural process is thought to stabilize potentially damaging free radicals, promoting health and wellness. Dr. James Oschman, in his book Energy Medicine, describes grounding as essential for the proper function of our biological systems, which are inherently electrical in nature. 

The Science Behind Grounding 

Grounding research, some of which has been visually supported by thermal imaging, suggests a variety of health benefits. For example, a study in Health Magazine demonstrated that grounding can improve inflammation and blood flow, enhancing overall circulation and promoting a state of homeostasis. 

Further studies have shown grounding's effect on red blood cells found in Cardiac Surgeons, where maintaining electrical neutrality is crucial. Regular grounding has been shown to prevent "Rouleau formation" in blood cells—stacked cells that impede microcirculation and oxygen delivery, contributing to conditions like brain fog and pain. 

Grounding and Modern Lifestyle 

Dr. Hameister and our discussion also touched on the impact of modern lifestyles on our health. The widespread use of plastics and processed foods, paralleling the increase in health issues, suggests a disconnection from natural elements that could be detrimental to our health. The podcast highlighted the importance of materials like leather for footwear over synthetic alternatives, which can hinder the grounding process. 

Practical Tips for Effective Grounding 

For those considering grounding practices at home, such as using a grounding mat, Dr. Hameister advises ensuring that the mat is correctly connected to an actually grounded outlet. She also emphasizes the biological benefits of grounding, from enhancing the immune and cardiovascular systems to regulating cortisol levels, which in turn can improve sleep and overall vitality. 


As we wrapped up our podcast, it became clear that grounding might be one of the most accessible yet underappreciated ways to potentially enhance our health. Whether through walking barefoot or using grounding technologies, reconnecting with the earth could be an antidote to the electrical and chemical imbalances induced by modern life. Dr. Hameister's insights serve not only to enlighten but to inspire us towards a more grounded, healthier future. 

This exploration with Dr. Grace Hameister on the Crackin' Backs Podcast not only sheds light on the promising aspects of grounding but also invites us to reconnect with the earth for our wellbeing. It’s a call to literally and figuratively ground ourselves in an increasingly ungrounded world. 

For more intriguing discussions on health and wellness, and to dive deeper into the science of grounding, tune into the Crackin' Backs Podcast and embrace the journey towards a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 



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