The Profound Impact of Inflammation & Biotoxins: A Deep Dive with Dr. John Lieurance

The world of medicine, especially the alternative kind, thrives on groundbreaking discoveries and revolutionary techniques. And on a recent episode of the Crackin Backs PodcastDr. John Lieurance dove into these uncharted waters, unraveling the intricacies of our body's response to stress, inflammation, and chronic illness.

The Inflammation Paradigm

Imagine facing relentless winds trying to push you back as you forge ahead. Dr. Lieurance equates our body's encounter with environmental stressors to this headwind. These stressors cause inflammation, the body's response to perceived threats. While short-term inflammation can aid in healing (like softening scar tissues), chronic inflammation can potentially harm the body and shorten our lifespan. It’s the overflow of this inflammatory response, triggered by toxins and microbes, that we need to be especially wary of.

From Illness to Enlightenment

A significant turning point in Dr. Lieurance's life came when he fell gravely ill. The harrowing journey of misdiagnoses led him to discover he had Lyme disease and other infections. This revelation sent him spiraling into the world of biotoxins, especially when he found mold in his home that was quietly triggering low-grade infections.

It was during this transformative period that he zeroed in on the three pivotal pillars of health (mind/identity, Body/Vitality and Spirit/Divinity)

Physical Body (Vitality): A healthy body leads to a more active brain, enhancing our consciousness and contributing positively to society.

Mind/Identity: It's our ego, our relationship to our mission, and the very purpose of our existence.

Spirt/Divinity: Our direct communion with God.

When in harmony, these three pillars can manifest real magic in our lives.

The FCR Revelation

Having personally suffered from a broken nose, Dr. Lieurance understood the challenges of impaired breathing and turned going from being in pain to finding another purpose. He championed the FCR (functional cranial release) technique, which realigns nasal passages for optimal oxygen flow. This alignment harmonizes our respiratory rhythm with our nervous system, akin to a well-balanced tire ensuring a smooth ride.

Mouth-breathing disrupts this balance. It sidelines the Locus Coeruleus or the 'Blue Spot' in our brain, which controls Norepinephrine production, our brain's gas pedal. Dr. Lieurance emphasizes the necessity of nasal breathing, especially during sleep, as it aids memory storage, deep REM sleep, and overall well-being. For those mouth breathers out there, he recommends mouth taping to force your night time inspiration to be through your nasal passage.

Melatonin: The Underdog

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Lieurance holds melatonin in high regard. While many experts caution its use in high doses, he champions its benefits in stress management, detoxifying the brain, and regulating sleep. His prescription? Large doses, ensuring it’s absorbed through liposomal or suppositories to avoid degradation by gastric acid.

The Methylene Blue Marvel

Another lesser-known compound is Methylene Blue. This synthetic salt supercharges our mitochondria, the cell's energy factories. When combined with light, like sunlight or red light, its efficacy amplifies. But that's not all; Methylene Blue tackles microbial infections and has potential benefits for those battling depression.

A Call to Action

Dr. Lieurance’s experiences and insights serve as a wake-up call. He urges everyone to delve deeper, ask questions, and advocate for comprehensive testing when it comes to our health. As he rightly concluded, “The body is complex; you need to look deeper if you truly want to keep it healthy.”

Don't miss this enlightening episode of Crackin Backs Podcast where every moment offers an insight, every story a lesson. Dive deep into the world of inflammation, biotoxins, and self-healing with Dr. John Lieurance. Your body, and perhaps your soul, will thank you for it.

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