The Resilience of the Human Spirit - Mason Sawyer's Journey Through Tragedy

Embracing Life After Unimaginable Loss

In the latest episode of the Crackin' Backs podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Mason Sawyer, a man whose life embodies the stoic philosophy of finding strength in adversity. Mason's story is not just about personal tragedy but a profound exploration of the human capacity to find life after loss, a message increasingly vital in a world riddled with depression, suicide, and mental health struggles.

Mason Sawyer: A Portrait of Success and Sudden Loss

Mason Sawyer's life was a testament to hard work and dedication. Raised in West Jordan, Utah, he excelled as a basketball player, achieving Utah All-state and securing a scholarship at Boise State. His journey took him to Utah Tech, leading to a fulfilling career as a psychology teacher and basketball coach. Alongside his professional triumphs, Mason's personal life flourished. He married his high school sweetheart, Kortni, and together they raised three children.

However, Mason's world was irrevocably altered on July 25, 2021, when a freak sandstorm led to a catastrophic 22-car pileup, claiming the lives of his wife, two children, brother, and nephew. This tragedy left Mason and his surviving son, Blue, to navigate a new reality.

The Journey Through Grief: Mason's Approach

Mason's approach to his loss is neither about overcoming nor forgetting but learning to move 'with' the pain. In the throes of despair, he focused on his son Blue, finding purpose in being there for him. Mason's therapeutic journey was transformative, shifting his perspective from personal agony to recognizing the incident as an opportunity to help others grappling with loss.

10/Ninety: A New Chapter

In his quest for healing, Mason turned to podcasting, creating the show '10/Ninety' - a nod to his father's wisdom that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. Through this platform, Mason found solace in sharing his story and connecting with others facing their own battles.

Lessons from the Court to Life

Mason draws parallels between his athletic discipline and his approach to life's challenges. Just as he pushed through early morning training sessions in his basketball career, he now applies the same determination to face each day, focusing on what he can control and letting go of what he can't.

The Power of "We" Over "Me"

A core tenet of Mason's philosophy is the shift from a 'me' to a 'we' mindset. This perspective gives him strength and purpose, helping him to rise each day. He emphasizes the importance of not giving advice without experience or expertise, acknowledging the uniqueness of each person's struggle.

Lighting the Demons

Mason advocates for bringing one's demons into the light, believing that acknowledging and talking about them diminishes their power. He urges everyone to find their unique outlet for pain, whether it be through art, writing, or conversation.

Embracing Individuality in Healing

Mason's message is clear: "You are the only you." He encourages everyone to embrace their unique experiences and use them positively, rather than succumbing to despair or comparisons.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Hope and Resilience

Mason Sawyer's journey through unimaginable tragedy stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. His approach to life after loss - using trauma as a metaphor for the universal struggles we face and finding purpose in helping others - offers a powerful perspective. Mason's story is not just about enduring pain; it's about transforming it into a force for empathy, understanding, and communal healing.

In a world often overwhelmed by grief and loss, Mason's voice resonates with a message of stoic inspiration. His experience reminds us that even in our darkest hours, there's a potential for growth, connection, and renewed purpose. His journey from a successful athlete and educator to a grieving father and then to a beacon of hope for others struggling with loss is a powerful narrative of human resilience.

His podcast, '10/Ninety,' is more than just a platform for sharing his story; it's a sanctuary for those seeking understanding and strength in their struggles. Through his journey, Mason has shown that embracing our pain, talking about our experiences, and finding an outlet for our emotions can lead to profound healing and a deeper connection with those around us.

As Mason continues to navigate his path, he stands as a living example that even in the face of unspeakable loss, life can still hold meaning, purpose, and the possibility of joy. His story is a guiding light for anyone who has faced tragedy, offering hope that life can still be rich and fulfilling, even after enduring the unthinkable.

In the words of Mason Sawyer, "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it." This philosophy, born from the depths of personal loss and pain, is a call to all of us to face our challenges with courage, to find our unique ways of coping, and to help each other through our shared human experience.

Mason's journey is a reminder that in the midst of sorrow, we can find strength, and in helping others, we heal ourselves. It's a story of finding life after tragedy, a story that resonates with all who hear it, reminding us of the incredible strength and resilience that lies within each of us.


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