The Secrets of a Pro: Dr. Christine Foss on Cracking the Code of Running Injuries!

"Is the key to becoming a better runner locked in our hips, knees, or feet? Dr. Christine Foss reveals all on the Crackin’ Backs podcast!"

At first glance, Dr. Christine Foss might be mistaken for an eternal student, constantly on the hunt for a new degree. With postgraduate degrees like DC, MD, and even a Master's in Education, you'd think she's a jack-of-all-trades. Yet, in her commitment to mastering patient care, she's become a testament to the phrase, "knowledge is power." And when you're trusting someone with your health, you want someone like Dr. Foss in your corner.

But what really sets her heart racing (pun intended) is the world of running. Why? Because running, as she says, is like trying to decipher a complicated puzzle. It's a challenge to unravel the unique kinetic chain that exists in every individual. From the rotation of our leg bones to the way our feet strike the ground, every detail is as unique as a fingerprint.

The Hip Mystery: One of the biggest revelations? Our hips. Are joints, that are often overlooked.  Using FMS testing, she’s found that understanding the alignment of our acetabulum (how our femur sits) can unlock many mysteries. And it’s not just about how you're built; it can trace back to how you slept as a baby!

Ever heard of the "Craig's Test"? This orthopedic test measures the anteversion and retroversion of the hip, helping athletes avoid potential pitfalls like labral tears and hip impingements. With hip surgeries skyrocketing by 600% over the past 5 years, understanding these nuances has never been more crucial.

Taking a Knee (Literally): It’s not just about the hips. Dr. Foss digs deep into the world of knee injuries, particularly the Patellar femoral syndrome. From the tracking of the patella to the importance of the VMO muscle, she breaks it down and even offers protocols to combat and prevent these injuries. Hint: loosening of the hamstrings is a key component.

Foot Notes: As we venture down to the feet, things get even more interesting. Did you know that if you're a supinator, you're more prone to tibial stress fractures? Or that the strength of your big toe can dictate your running prowess?

Golden Tips from Dr. Foss:

🧘‍♂️ Strengthen, don’t stretch your psoas!

🦶 Master the art of “yoga feet” for better foot health.

🏃‍♂️ Elevate your running game by building toe flexor strength.

As Dr. Foss passionately points out, "The more you can see patients move and do what causes them pain, the better idea you will have on how to fix them.”

Want to Run Better? It's Time to Listen!

Join us on the Crackin’ Backs podcast as we delve deeper into this treasure trove of knowledge with Dr. Christine Foss. Whether you're a sprinter, an endurance runner, or someone just looking to understand their body better, this episode promises to be a game-changer.

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