Unlock Your Hidden Athletic Genius: Dr. Amy Athey's Game-Changing Strategies You Can't Afford to Miss!

Have you ever wondered what makes some athletes outshine others, breaking through the ordinary and rising into the realm of extraordinary? We have, and we've uncovered the secret sauce. Presenting an illuminating conversation with Dr. Amy Athey, the force behind numerous elite performers success stories, on our latest episode of Crackin Backs Podcast.

Here are some powerful takeaways you simply can't ignore:

1. The Power of the "Why"

Dr. Amy underlines the importance of understanding an athlete's driving force – their 'why'. As she says, “you need to understand their Why, so you can understand their motivation. Once you understand this, then you are no longer teaching how to focus, but how to RE-Focus.

2. Flow States and Cue Words: The Twin Pillars of Focus

Find out how Dr. Amy guides athletes to enter their flow states, encouraging them to think less but perform more. Learn her revolutionary method of using immediate, actionable cue words to stay in the zone and enhance performance.

3. Harnessing Technology: The Double-Edged Sword

Dr. Amy sheds light on the nuanced role of technology in sports. Discover how to leverage wearables for your advantage, while avoiding their pitfalls.

4. Mastering the Art of Flow

Unlock the secret to frequent flow states and boost your game. From mindful meditation to using music to find rhythm, Dr. Amy unveils it all. Dive deeper into the concept of 'clutch state' for those crucial last-second laser focuses.

5. Fluidity Over Stagnation: Adapting to Change

"What gets you here, won't keep you here", warns Dr. Amy. Learn how to adapt new tools and skills to stay on top of your game as situations change.

6. Redefining 'Life Balance'

Get insights into Dr. Amy's unique perspective on life balance, as she advocates for a blended mindset - particularly pertinent for elite athletes and businesspersons on their journey to higher success. “If you are seeking a higher success, you need to have a FOCUSED PURSUIT.

7. Sleep: Your Secret Performance Enhancer

Dr. Amy shares her passion for sleep studies and offers practical TIPS to optimize your sleep for better performance. Some of her tips include, setting a schedule on when you go to bed and when you wake up, taking distractions (screens, food and deep conversations) out of the bedroom.

8. Leading Beyond Crisis: A Sneak Peek into Dr. Amy's New Book

Get an exclusive preview into Dr. Amy's book and learn about the five pillars that shape great leaders.

Grab this golden opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Unleash your hidden potential and soar to new athletic heights with Dr. Amy Athey. This isn't just a blog post - it's your ticket to athletic brilliance. You won't believe the change until you experience it yourself! Go back and listen now, grab your pen and notebook, you will need it😊

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