Unlocking the Secrets of Healing: Dr. Jason Amstutz

Do you ever wonder why some injuries seem to linger, despite seemingly proper treatment? Are you curious about the fascinating world of chiropractic and osteopathy and how they can work together to optimize your health? If you're seeking answers to these questions and more, then you're in for a treat! Join us on the Crackin' Backs Podcast as we dive deep into the intricacies of the human body with the brilliant Dr. Jason Amstutz.

Chiropractic vs. Osteopathy: A Journey into the Past

In our enlightening conversation, Dr. Amstutz takes us on a historical journey back to the roots of chiropractic and osteopathy. Did you know that the founders of these two disciplines, Dr. DD Palmer and Dr. Andrew Still, were actually classmates? They looked at the body from different angles, with Palmer emphasizing the nervous system's role, while Still focused on the rule of the artery and the vascular system. Dr. Amstutz believes that both perspectives are vital and interconnected, forming a holistic approach to health.

The Key to Healing: Fluid Dynamics

One of the central themes of our conversation revolves around the biomechanical and fluid dynamics of the body. Dr. Amstutz reveals how the original osteopathy concept, with its emphasis on hemodynamics and the role of fluids in our body, still holds tremendous importance today. He explains that the proper movement of synovial fluid within joints is critical for optimal function and injury prevention.

Imagine your synovial fluid as a paint can that needs stirring before you apply it to the wall. When it stagnates or thickens due to lack of movement, it becomes an impediment to joint function. Dr. Amstutz offers valuable insights on how to "stir" this fluid and restore joint mobility, even when X-rays may suggest otherwise.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Ankle

Dr. Amstutz uses the ankle as a compelling example of how fluid dynamics impact joint health. He introduces a technique called osteo-articular pumping, which involves complex movements within the joint, intricate directions of bones, ligaments, and the importance of tendons and muscles. By flushing the joint with careful manipulation, Dr. Amstutz demonstrates how this technique can rejuvenate the ankle, allowing it to function optimally.

Starting at the Core: The Role of the Pelvis

When dealing with lower extremity injuries, Dr. Amstutz's advice is to start at the pelvis. He explains that all chains of the ankle and foot originate from the ilium and sacrum. If these core areas are not in harmony, it can affect the entire kinetic chain. His insights on the pelvis as a starting point for treatment are a game-changer in the world of rehabilitation.

The Overlooked Anterior Compartment

Dr. Amstutz sheds light on a commonly overlooked aspect of lower leg health: the anterior restraints of the tendons in front of the malleolus. He emphasizes the need to strengthen this anterior compartment to stabilize the ankle effectively. This insight could be the missing link for athletes seeking to enhance ankle stability.

Hamstring Strains: A Deeper Look

For those dealing with hamstring strains, Dr. Amstutz encourages deconstructing the injury's anatomical functions and identifying the root causes. He explains how the rotation of the ilium can pre-load the hamstrings, leading to recurring injuries. His unique approach to tendon physiology and the importance of the pelvis in training methods offers fresh perspectives on injury prevention.

Trigenics: A Neurological Solution

Dr. Amstutz introduces the fascinating world of Trigenics, a modern technique within physical therapy that reconnects the brain with previously injured muscles and joints. He emphasizes the importance of reactivating dimmer switches in the brain to restore proper movement patterns and prevent re-injury. Discover how this innovative approach is changing the game in rehabilitation.

The Power of Water and ELDOA

Dr. Amstutz shares his insights on using water and ELDOA (Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching) to reset muscle and neurological patterns. He emphasizes the importance of re-mapping the brain and preventing re-injury, particularly in athletes.

The Ultimate Elixir: Water

Lastly, Dr. Amstutz leaves us with a reminder of the incredible importance of water in our lives. He encourages us to choose our water sources wisely and start our day with a liter of water on an empty stomach. Understanding the types of water we consume and their impact on our body is crucial for maintaining optimal health.

In a world inundated with information, it's essential to seek knowledge from experienced experts like Dr. Jason Amstutz. Tune in to the Crackin' Backs Podcast and embark on a journey of discovery, where you'll gain valuable insights into healing, rehabilitation, and unlocking the potential of your body. Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation that could change the way you view health and wellness forever!


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