Unveiling the Ancient Grain Revolution: Secrets of Pasta and Gut Health Revealed on the Crackin’ Backs Podcast with DeAnna Lozensky!

In our most recent Crackin' Backs podcast episode, our guest, DeAnna Lozensky, busts open the long-standing mystery that's had pasta lovers in a tangle: why can we gorge on pasta in Europe, yet suffer the consequences in the US? If you thought you knew everything there is to know about ancient grains, think again!

DeAnna Lozensky, once a simple FarmHer, is now the harbinger of a revolution in the world of grains - the Ancient Grain Revolution. Our story begins with the seeds and in the Fertile Crescent region, a land of history and tradition, where grains as old as time itself (yes, we're talking 10,000 years old! Well, maybe not Time itself, but your get the picture) have made their home. But why are these ancient grains currently causing a ruckus in the health and gut health space?

DeAnna's journey into the realm of ancient grains began as an answer to her community's need for a healthier grain, a grain that did not just feed, but also healed. The deeper she delved, the more shocking truths she discovered, like the radical shift in grain cultivation practices since the 1800s.

Our modern "Mother Wheat," for instance, is the result of relentless hybridization of the Einkorn, the primordial wheat grain dating back a whopping 10,000 years. This cross-breeding started in the 1800s, aiming to produce higher yields and pest-resistant crops but inadvertently changed the nutritional profile of the grains we eat.

More shockingly, DeAnna reveals that organic farming does not necessarily mean chemical-free farming. While organic farming uses fewer chemicals than conventional farming, it doesn't exclude them entirely. And, these chemicals, especially the herbicides used to dry out crops for easy harvesting, can impact the nutritional value of the crop significantly.

Did you know the chemicals sprayed over your grains are done just a week before the harvest? Lozensky's mission, however, stands stark against this practice. Her focus: bringing chemical-free, gut-friendly grains to your table.

Another truth bomb from DeAnna involves the way we treat our land. Modern farming disrupts the oldest and largest ecosystem - the soil. Using fertilizers and insecticides that harm beneficial insects (such as pollinators) along with the pests is akin to taking antibiotics - it wipes out the good with the bad. Healthier soil equals healthier crops, and DeAnna believes in letting the land heal itself.

So, why does pasta tickle our taste buds overseas but not at home? DeAnna cites two main culprits: destructive farming practices and processing practices.

From over-tillage that ruins the soil's micro-ecosystem to the addition of fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides, our farming practices produce sick crops from sick soil. Add to this the current processing practices where the nutritious parts of the grain kernel, the germ (Is overheated- to increase shelf life, but in the process kills off the enzymes needed for gut digestion) and the bran (which is extracted and sold back to us at Vit E supplements), leaving us with the starchy endosperm. DeAnna, quite fittingly, dubs our regular "all-purpose flour" as "Frankenstein flour."  This practice began During the World Wars to extend shelf life and it was easy and cheap to make. They soon began to see malnourishment among the soldiers. “Their” answer, to “enrich” the flour with Synthetic chemicals to mimic what they took out in the processing process in the first place.

But DeAnna's not just about identifying problems; she's got solutions too! Her secret? Returning to the ancient method of stone milling. She produces a grain that is not only healthier but also maintains the natural enzymes and oils, keeping our gut happy. A good sign to a good pasta or grain? They should be kept in the freezer or refrigerator because, like all good things, they too can go bad.

Through the Crackin' Backs podcast, DeAnna reminds us that, while eating healthy might require a bit more effort, our health is worth it. So, tune in, listen to the wisdom DeAnna shares, and join the Ancient Grain Revolution today! Unravel the truths about your food and join the cause for a healthier, gut-friendly future!

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