What are 3 primitive, human functions we tend to fail at?

When is the last time you got re- acquainted with yourself?

This is not a self-help book or a self-help question. This is a disclosure that our guest Brian MacKenzie takes seriously when potential client seeks his mastery.

How you move

How you walk

How you breathe

These are explicit indications of who you are and what you have gone through. The mind and body have a deeper connection than most people think. Yet, we are prone to ignore these patterns and come to need the “quick fix”.

The way we MOVE:

Our discussion with the prolific surgeon, Dr. Bert Mandelbaum, and his philosophies on how “movement is life.” 

“If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl.” 

Movement is more than just an act of changing a physical location or position, but an essential part of life. We sometimes grab onto new trends or “biohacks” without understanding the purpose behind them.

“If you are using a tool or modality to change HOW you feel, you will never do the work to understand WHAT you feel” explains Brian.

The way we WALK:

Brian talks about walking or running as just a destruction of balance. We, as humans, are just trying not to fall over when we propel ourselves forwards. Hence, why each human has a unique walking or running pattern unlike any other species on earth. Learning about these patterns and ways to improve them can have tremendous long term effects on our health and longevity.

Counting steps, using “fitness tools,” smart watches, oura rings, fit bit, etc. are helpful “modalities,” but what are they truly accomplishing?

Where did the magic number, “10,000” (steps per day) come from?

How would putting your phone away, getting up a little earlier and walking with the sun in your face do more for your health and save you a ton of money.

These answers are found in the show😊

And finally, the way we BREATHE:

Breathing is not as simple as inhalation or exhalation. Brian describes breathing’s ultimate goal is about Awareness. Learning how to harness the effects of different forms of breathing is absolute POWER.

Brian breaks breathing down to 4 gears:

Gear 1= Nose - Equal in, and Equal out

Gear 2= Power Nose in and Power Nose out

Gear 3= Nose in, and Mouth out

Gear 4= Mouth in, and Mouth out.

  • Practicing different forms, 
  • Learning to build tolerance to C02
  • Changing from diaphragmatic breathing to intercostal breathing 


Practicing these techniques can have a profound effect on both your health and your physical fitness goals.


These 3 things, though sounding simple, are not. They take practice, discipline and patience. Yet, when you put in the work, your life will change, for the better.



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