Cardiology, Wearable Tech and AI Unite: Dr. Jaime Murillo’s Healthcare Revolution

Today, we’re navigating the fascinating crossroads of cardiology, AI, and innovation with Dr. Jaime Murillo a well-known Cardiologist and innovator.

 Ever pondered how the worlds of heartbeats and algorithms synchronize? Dr. Murillo, with his unique interplay of cardiology and tech, is here to bridge that gap. From the intricacies of the clinical world to the vast horizon of healthcare leadership, he reveals what nudged him to take the leadership and innovation plunge.

Dr. Murillo discusses incredible topics as unpack AI’s colossal role in reshaping healthcare, demystify the sudden surge in cardiovascular conditions, and for our female listeners, there's a a great discussion that takes us into HRT's heart and physical impact.

Plus, ever wondered which wearables might just outsmart heart conditions? Dr. Murillo's got some picks! This is where science meets story. Tune in, and let's explore the heart of tomorrow!

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