Discover the Food-Pain Connection: How to Transform Your Life One Bite at a Time with Dr. David Seaman

In a world overflowing with junk food, where the global population grapples with chronic inflammation and pain, one man stands out with a mission to eradicate this silent epidemic... His weapon of choice? The power of nutrition!

This week's Crackin Backs podcast, unravels the hidden side of the food we eat. Today, we’re bringing you the revolutionary, the influential, a man who has been battling the inflammatory beasts with the sword of diet since 1987, the man who wrote THE seminal article on how diet induces chronic inflammation... Dr. David Seaman!

Dr. Seaman's intuitive findings in the late 80s transformed his clinical practice and eventually laid the foundation for his revolutionary book - the first of its kind - linking nutrition, pain, and inflammation

"Imagine a world where chronic pain can be eased, not just by medication, but by the food on your plate... Intrigued? We sure are! This isn't science fiction, folks; it's real life, backed by solid research!

"Named Academician of the Year in 2006 by the American Chiropractic Association, Dr. Seaman's immense contribution extends beyond academia, reaching the hands and hearts of the public through his books, sparking a dietary revolution against inflammation and pain.

"Are you ready to hear the untold story of this warrior of wellness? Eager to understand how what you eat could change your life? If you're ready for an enlightening journey through the intersection of diet, inflammation, and pain, then buckle up because this episode is about to blow your mind!

"Stay tuned...don’t miss this chance to change your life one bite at a time!"

We are two sports chiropractors, seeking knowledge from some of the best resources in the world of health. From our perspective, health is more than just “Crackin Backs” but a deep dive into physical, mental, and nutritional well-being philosophies.

Join us as we talk to some of the greatest minds and discover some of the most incredible gems you can use to maintain a higher level of health. Crackin Backs Podcast

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