Exercise Effects on Cancer? Shocking Revelations!

Welcome to the latest episode of the Cracking Backs podcast, where we're peeling back the layers of science and diving deep into the world of exercise physiology!  Join us as we sit down with the globally celebrated exercise physiologist, Dr. Riggs Kilka.
Ever imagined the thrilling world of motorcycle racing having anything to do with cancer rehabilitation? Prepare to have your mind expanded! In this riveting session, Dr. Kilka enlightens us on how athletic performance could potentially revolutionize the road to recovery for cancer survivors. Drawing from his extensive background in oncology and exercise physiology, which spans from the romantic landscapes of Italy to the prominent institutions in the US, we delve into the groundbreaking potential of HIIT in cancer rehabilitation and the astonishing overlap between the vigor of athletes and the resilience of cancer survivors.

But that's not all.

 From insights into his 2021 publication in ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal, to an in-depth discussion on his association with the awe-inspiring Bridging Bionics Foundation, and the future of personalized exercise regimes in cancer treatments—this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

Plus, we touch upon a hot topic: the motivation of NCAA Division I student-athletes amidst the global pandemic. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a medical professional, or simply someone passionate about the power of science to transform lives—this episode is a MUST-LISTEN. 

Settle in, press play, and let's unravel the marvels of the human body with Dr. Riggs Kilka

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