From Darkness to Light: How managed psychedelics saved this Vet - Justin Lapree

Dive into the phenomenal story of Justin, a combat vet who overcame life's most significant obstacles and found healing through managed psychedelics, in "From Darkness to Light," a groundbreaking podcast hosted by Dr. Spencer Baron and Dr. Terry Weyman.  

With our signature enthusiasm and inquisitive nature, you'll embark on a powerful journey of survival, resilience, and redemption.

 This gripping episode will examine the events that pushed Justin to the edge, from his battles with PTSD and TBI sustained in Iraq to the difficulty of reintegrating into society. You'll follow his descent into homelessness, the collapse of his marriage, and the moment he nearly took his own life – and the astonishing turning point when he embraced the healing properties of managed psychedelics.

 Combining neuroscience, mental health, and personal transformation, "From Darkness to Light" offers an eye-opening look into the potential of psychedelic therapy and the resilience of the human spirit. Join us and Justin on this remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing, and hope.

For more info on Justin and his continued commitment to helping others, visit his website, 
Heroic Path to Light.



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