Hockey, Hips & Health Systems: A Deep Dive with the Hockey’s Stanley cup winner, Golden Knights' Chiropractor

On this episode of Crackin Backs Podcast, we're honored to have Dr. Jeffrey Prince, the renowned chiropractor who has been instrumental behind the scenes for some of the biggest pro teams in Vegas. Fresh from the euphoria of the Golden Knights' Stanley Cup win, Dr. Prince, originally hailing from Canada, delves into what it felt like witnessing such a monumental victory in the heart of Las Vegas.

With 19 illustrious years in the chiropractic field since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004, Dr. Prince's journey is nothing short of inspiring. From the frosty terrains of Edmonton, Alberta, where he collaborated with the Canadian Athletics Coaching Center, the Edmonton Rush professional Lacrosse team, and a spectrum of elite athletes, to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, his transition captures a tale of adaptability and expertise. What's the story behind building a unique practice in Vegas that tends to the major pro teams while also catering to everyday patients? And how does he navigate the contrasting healthcare landscapes of Canada and the US?

As we deep-dive into the intricacies of injury management in Hockey and Football, we also shine a spotlight on his techniques for hip injuries – a vital subject for any hockey enthusiast. Moreover, with the growing concern over concussions in sports, Dr. Prince offers valuable insights on treatments and strategies adopted in the NHL compared to the NFL.

But beyond his professional achievements, there's a personal story. Having been married to the love of his life, Jessica, for over 25 years and a proud father to three wonderful children, Dr. Prince's tale is a heartwarming fusion of family, passion, and chiropractic prowess. Join us for an episode that's set to be both informative and deeply personal, as we traverse the worlds of sports, medicine, and family with Dr. Jeffrey Prince.

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