Finding Balance when Extremely Busy- Dr. Hirad Bagy

Today's special guest is Dr. Hirad Bagy

How does this Doctor do it? You think you are busy? This guy has an office, a family AND is the Official Team Chiropractor for the following teams:

Team Chiropractor for the Washington Commanders Football Team
Team Chiropractor for the Washington Nationals
Team Chiropractor for Washington Capitals
Official Chiropractor for D.C. United
2019 Team Chiropractor World Series Champion Washington Nationals
2018 MLB All-Star Chiropractor
’02 and ’04 MLS All-Star Chiropractor
’99 and ’03 Women’s World Cup Chiropractor

We are so pleased that he found the time ( again, I don't know how he does it), to sit down with us. The energy and wisdom that comes from this man are unbelievable.

Sit down, and enjoy one of the world's top Sports Chiropractors!!
For more info, check out his website:

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