Knee Pain - ACL Tears! Can you fix and prevent?

Join us on "Crackin' Backs Podcast" as we welcome back, Dave Boyer. ATC/CSCS, HMS, PSC, PSY. MS, as we delve deep into the critical world of ACL injury management.

In this episode, we explore the startling statistics of ACL injuries, impacting 1 in 3,500 people, with a staggering 72% prevalence among females.

David will unpack the decisive factors influencing surgical versus nonsurgical intervention, and rehabilitation timelines, providing invaluable insights into the latest practices for a successful return to play.

We'll examine the current trends in re-injury rates, the controversial topic of accelerated rehab protocols versus traditional ones, and their associated risks.

Furthermore, David will share his expert opinion on the intensive rehab debate, the quintessential elements for enduring ACL rehab success, and managing patient expectations across all levels of athletic performance.

Don’t miss out as we tackle the innovative approach of using the distal quad tendon for ACL repairs and the mental performance strategies for injured athletes facing the pressure to return to competition.

It's an episode packed with expert knowledge for clinicians, patients, and fitness enthusiasts alike, all seeking the path to optimal knee health and recovery.

We are two sports chiropractors, seeking knowledge from some of the best resources in the world of health. From our perspective, health is more than just “Crackin Backs” but a deep dive into physical, mental, and nutritional well-being philosophies.

Join us as we talk to some of the greatest minds and discover some of the most incredible gems you can use to maintain a higher level of health. Crackin Backs Podcast

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