Mind-Blowing Cranium Secrets: Unlocking Your Brain Power

Welcome to Crackin' Backs, where we delve into the depths of chiropractic innovation with the return of Dr. John Lieurance, a maverick in the field whose work transcends the spine and taps into the very rhythm of the brain.

In this compelling second show, Dr. Lieurance takes us beyond the backbone and into the cranium, revealing the critical influence of cranial morphology and rhythm on brain function. We explore his pioneering approach to health, where the contours of the skull are not merely structural features but integral components of neurological well-being.

Dive deep with us as Dr. Lieurance elaborates on Functional Cranial Release (FCR), the groundbreaking technique involving a simple balloon with complex implications. This isn't your average chiropractic conversation about alignment—this is about liberation, expanding beyond the narrow confines of airways to release the untapped potential within cranial bones like the sphenoid, nasal structures, and turbinates.

Why a balloon? The answer isn't inflated hype; there's science behind the squeeze. We'll compare the FCR balloon technique with traditional craniopathic methods, dissecting the advantages that come from this unique approach and the long-term results that are turning skeptics into believers, with compelling outcomes for conditions like snoring and sleep apnea.

The conversation takes a deeper hue as we revisit Methylene blue, a compound overlooked by many in the medical community. Dr. Lieurance dives into the science of this potent molecule, elucidating its critical role in mitochondrial health and the strategic layering of therapies to combat various medical conditions.

And if you thought melatonin was just for regulating sleep, prepare to be enlightened. Contrary to the mainstream narrative shaped by nocturnal rat studies, Dr. Lieurance champions an audacious, high-dose protocol that could redefine your approach to this ubiquitous supplement. We'll dissect the research and experiences that have led him to these supercharged recommendations.

Join us for this episode of Crackin' Backs, where conventional wisdom is left at the door, and a new paradigm of wellness awaits. Dr. Lieurance isn't just adjusting spines—he's adjusting perspectives. Tune in and turn on to a world where every adjustment could mean a step towards optimal health.

We are two sports chiropractors, seeking knowledge from some of the best resources in the world of health. From our perspective, health is more than just “Crackin Backs” but a deep dive into physical, mental, and nutritional well-being philosophies.

Join us as we talk to some of the greatest minds and discover some of the most incredible gems you can use to maintain a higher level of health. Crackin Backs Podcast


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