Nutrition - Survive Cancer - Dr. Cindy Howard

Dr. Cindy Howard is a long-time friend of The Hosts, especially Dr. Spencer Baron, She is also one of the most sought-after Chiropractic Internal Medicine Doctors in the country.

Dr. Cindy travels the country often, educating other health professionals on topics such as Post Concussion Nutrition, Neuroadrenal dysfunction, Common Causes for Fatigue and How to Treat Burnout Naturally and Safely Without Performance Enhancing Drugs, Gut Dysfunction, and a variety of other issues designed to help athletes be their personal best.

She tells of stories of cancer survival and how her journey has gotten her to where she is now. A truly remarkable story with a Chiropractor who took a path that most don't think of when they think of "Chiropractors"

To learn more about Dr Cindy please visit the following links:

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