One way to spark the amygdala of the brain for a holiday mood boost

Welcome to a special Thanksgiving edition of the Crackin Backs Podcast! This week, we're joined by the renowned Dr. Joe Pelino, a chiropractic care specialist with over 30 years of experience in sports medicine and groundbreaking therapeutic techniques. Dive into an enlightening discussion that explores the incredible connection between chiropractic adjustments and cognitive functions.

Join us as Dr. Pelino takes us on a journey through the nervous system and the brain. Discover how chiropractic techniques not only alleviate physical discomfort but also potentially influence areas like the amygdala, offering insights into emotional regulation and stress responses. It's a conversation that blends science and holistic well-being in a way that's both insightful and accessible.

Dr. Pelino's profound personal and professional transformation, from stepping away from his practice to making a powerful comeback. Learn about his time teaching hockey in Inuit communities, and how these experiences enriched his approach to chiropractic care, teaching valuable lessons in resilience, gratitude, and holistic health.

With his unique perspective gained from working with diverse clients including athletes from the NBA, NHL, OHL, and even celebrities, shares how the balance of exercise, nutrition, and self-treatment plays a crucial role in managing stress and enhancing overall well-​​​​​​being.

Dr. Pelino's innovative approach to patient care at his state-of-the-art Pelino Athletic Performance Centre, featuring advanced technologies and treatment methods that have revolutionized sports medicine and Chiropractic​​c care.

A Thanksgiving Celebration of Healing and Health In this episode, we blend the spirit of Thanksgiving with a deep appreciation for the body's incredible capacity for healing and balance. Prepare to be inspired and educated as we delve into the science and heart of chiropractic care with Dr. Joe Pelino.

Join us on the Crackin Backs Podcast for this not-to-be-missed episode, where we align more than just spines – we align lives with the spirit of Thanksgiving!

We are two sports chiropractors, seeking knowledge from some of the best resources in the world of health. From our perspective, health is more than just “Crackin Backs” but a deep dive into physical, mental, and nutritional well-being philosophies.

Join us as we talk to some of the greatest minds and discover some of the most incredible gems you can use to maintain a higher level of health. Crackin Backs Podcast

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