Starting Young: The Highs and Lows of Early Tennis Stardom with Jessica Steck

Jessica Steck, carved her legacy on the revered courts from Wimbledon to the U.S.Open.

Jessica is here to serve us an insider's look into the ITF Women's Circuit, sharing those spine-tingling moments from the Grand Slams and the determination it takes to win singles and doubles matches on the biggest stages of them all.

Beyond the applause and the accolades, we'll explore the challenges, from maintaining elite rankings in both singles and doubles to battling the physical toll of professional tennis.

Plus, we'll tackle pressing issues - the role of sports science in modern tennis, the pressures of starting young and youth sports and the evolving landscape with transgender athletes.

Gear up, sports fans! This is a tennis masterclass you won't want to miss, only on "Crackin' Backs with Jessica Steck

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