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The Secrets of a Pro: Dr. Christine Foss on Cracking the Code of Running Injuries!

At first glance, Dr. Christine Foss might be mistaken for an eternal student, constantly on the hunt for a new degree. With postgraduate degrees like DC, MD, and even a Master's in Education, you'd think she's a jack-of-all-trades.

The Profound Impact of Inflammation & Biotoxins: A Deep Dive with Dr. John Lieurance

The world of medicine, especially the alternative kind, thrives on groundbreaking discoveries and revolutionary techniques. And on a recent episode of the Crackin Backs Podcast, Dr. John Lieurance dove into these uncharted waters, unraveling the intricacies of our body's response to stress, inflammation, and chronic illness.

Redefining Healthcare with Dr. Jaime Murillo: The Potential of AI in Medicine

In a recent episode of the Crackin Backs Podcast, we had the privilege to sit down with the renowned cardiologist, Dr. Jaime Murillo.

Water’s Silent Echo: From Microplastics to Mindful Solutions our talk with Erin Brockovich

If ever there was an embodiment of the spirit of activism and the power of individual drive, it's Erin Brockovich. Our latest episode dives deep into the waters of advocacy, maternal instincts, and the essence of life itself with a woman who has dedicated her life to make the world listen.

Navigating the Athletic Journey: Wisdom from David Boyer on the Crackin Backs Podcast

The pursuit of excellence in sports is an exhilarating journey. Yet, it’s fraught with challenges, both on the physical and mental front. To unpack these dimensions, the latest episode of the "Crackin Backs Podcast" welcomed a renowned guest, David Boyer.

Nutrition Simplified: A Deep Dive with Dr. Paul Varnas

In today's era, the phrase "you are what you eat" holds more importance than ever. With the myriad of dietary advice, fad diets, and controversial nutrition topics, it's tough for the average person to navigate the intricate world of healthy eating.

The Triumph Over Tragedy: Aaron Baker's Unyielding Odyssey

In 1999, Aaron Baker's life took a sharp turn when a devastating dirt bike crash left him with a broken neck. Many might have seen it as the end of his dreams. But not Aaron.

“John get up or your wife is gonna die”

In today's bustling world, where our newsfeeds are saturated with stories of survival, resilience, and determination, a particular narrative rises above them all, demanding undivided attention.

Unlocking the Power of Sleep with Dr. Amy Athey: Your Ultimate Guide to Wellness and Performance

Sleep – a seemingly simple word that encapsulates an incredibly complex world of physiological processes. Despite its crucial role in our health and well-being, sleep is often overlooked, misunderstood, and undervalued.

From Adventurous Wanderer to Authentic Inspiration: A Journey with D'Andra Simmons

D'Andra Simmons' eyes sparkle with an unquenchable curiosity as she reminisces about her younger years, convincing her parents to send her around the world for educational retreats and study programs at just 14.

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