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From Field to Fork: The Regenerative Farming Journey of Farmer DeAnna Lozensky

Nestled in the heart of central North Dakota, Farmer DeAnna Lozensky and her husband have embarked on a unique farming journey that is capturing the attention of health-conscious consumers and sustainability enthusiasts alike. Their small grain farm is a testament to the power of regenerative agriculture, where they grow heritage wheat varieties, barley, spelt, peas, flax, and more—all without the use of tillage, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, or pre-harvest desiccants. Instead, they are passionate about bringing their nutrient-rich grains directly to consumers, restaurants, and local bakeries, showcasing a revolutionary approach to modern farming.

Precision Nutrition: Unlocking Your Body's Full Potential with Chris Talley

In the latest episode of the Crackin Backs Podcast, we dive deep into the world of precision nutrition with the renowned expert Chris Talley. Precision nutrition is more than just eating healthy—it's about optimizing your body's performance by understanding and fulfilling its specific nutritional needs. Imagine your body as a finely tuned car that needs the right fuel and maintenance to run at its best. Chris Talley takes this concept to the next level, providing insights that can benefit both health professionals and the average consumer.

The Future of Cognitive Health: VR's Revolutionary Impact

Imagine a world where training your brain is as engaging as playing your favorite video game, where overcoming fears and building resilience is just a VR headset away.

Reclaiming Heart Health Naturally: Insights from Dr. Jack Wolfson

In a world where cardiovascular disease reigns as the leading cause of death globally, the conventional medical approach continues to fall short in its promises of prevention and cure. On a riveting episode of the Crackin' Backs Podcast, Dr. Jack Wolfson, a second-generation cardiologist turned pioneer in natural heart health, shares transformative insights that challenge the status quo of heart care. 

The Grounding Truth: Unearthing Health Benefits with Dr. Grace Hameister

“Grounding or Earthing” is this a new term or has it been practiced successfully for years? 

Unraveling the Secrets of Healthy Feet with Dr. Paul Langer on the

In an illuminating episode of the "Crackin' Backs" podcast, podiatrist Dr. Paul Langer shares his invaluable insights on the burgeoning trend of barefoot running, minimalist shoes, and the paramount importance of foot health.

The Intriguing World of ACL injuries.: A Journey with Dr. Tim Hewett

In an era where the pursuit of optimal health and peak athletic performance has never been more intense, the work of Dr. Tim Hewett stands out as a beacon of innovation and hope. For over three decades, Dr. Hewett has been at the forefront of knee and ACL research, unraveling the complexities of one of the body's most crucial joints.

Unveiling the Heart of Hospice Care: A Journey with Phillip Puleo

In a deeply moving episode of the Crackin' Backs Podcast, our guest Phillip Puleo, an 18-year veteran hospice nurse, shares his profound experiences and insights into the world of hospice care and Alzheimer's disease.

Unveiling the Power of PEMF Therapy: A Revolutionary Approach to Healing with Michael Davis

In a recent episode of the Crackin Backs podcast, we delved deep into the realm of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy with none other than Michael Davis, often hailed as the "father of PEMF."

The Resilience of the Human Spirit - Mason Sawyer's Journey Through Tragedy

In the latest episode of the Crackin' Backs podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Mason Sawyer, a man whose life embodies the stoic philosophy of finding strength in adversity.

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